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More Dental Solutions For You!

In this time of customized products and services, employees expect dental insurance to match their specific budgets and lifestyles. As a result, employees want their dental insurance to have everything from low monthly premiums and affordable out-of-pocket costs to complete provider choice.

How do you address all of these expectations?

SecureCare Dental has the solution: The Triple Choice Plans. The Triple Choice Plans are a fully-integrated, three-in-one dental program. The program allows employers to offer employees 3 different dental plans at the same time to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Other benefits of the program are single source: employee enrollment, premium billing, claims processing and customer service. The Triple Choice Plans give you 3 dental plans, from 1 insurer, with 1 enrollment form per employee, all with 1 decision. All the More Reasons to Smile with SecureCare Dental.

With The Triple Choice Plans, employers enrolling 5 or more employees may offer any combination of:

• The Copay Plan • The PPO Plan • The Indemnity Plan

Streamlined Administration

The Triple Choice Plans makes dental insurance simple. Because enrollment, billing and support services are integrated, all participation and contribution requirements are stream-lined.

As a result, when a group chooses our multiple plans, the contribution and participation requirements are based on the group’s total enrollment and not on the enrollment in each plan. This simplifies enrollment and increases participation.

Whether it is the value of The Copay Plan, the flexibility of The PPO Plan or the freedom of The Indemnity Plan, the SecureCare Dental Triple Choice Plans is the solution to your dental insurance needs.

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