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A Clear Vision Choice!

Vision benefits should be clear, just like your vision. Whether groups bundle SecureCare Vision with our dental plans or enroll on vision alone, you will see life more clearly. Our Vision Plans are for employers enrolling 5,000 eligible employees or 5.

Vision benefits are a smart choice. 84% of consumers say a vision plan is somewhat to very important to them. We can see why. An eye exam is not only for frames, lenses and contacts, but an eye exam can detect more serious chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. In fact, employers gain as much as $7 for every $1 they spend on vision coverage.

To learn more about the SecureCare Vision Plans we offer, click on the below links:

Fashion Plan

Designer Plan

Premier Plan

SecureCare Vision Plans are available to groups enrolling five or more eligible employees with employer sponsored or voluntary contributions.

For more information about our SecureCare Vision Plans please email us or call (888) 429-0914 ext 2504.

Dental and Vision Insurance Underwritten by American National Life Insurance Company of Texas    Galveston, Texas.
Life, Short Term Disability, Accident, Critical Illness, Cancer, Limited Medical and FlexCare Hospital & Medical Insurance Underwritten by Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company   Galveston, Texas.
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