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Here’s What’s New at SecureCare!

To let you know why you have More Reasons To Smile with SecureCare, we regularly update our “What’s New” page with all of the exciting changes always going on with our company!

New Group Insurance Plans

The new SecureCare portfolio of products makes building workplace benefits even easier. In addition to dental and vision insurance employers can now enroll Life, Short Term Disability and Accident insurance with SecureCare.

Our comprehensive Life insurance plans help protect employees and their loved ones. With our Short Term Disability plans employers can customize protection for the “what if’s” in life. When the unexpected happens to employees and their families, our Accident insurance plans can be a big help with out-of-pocket costs.

Enrollments and billing are streamlined with one enrollment form and one premium bill for all products. It is easy to submit enrollments, changes and terms using our online enrollment form. Our experienced team of dedicated professionals will provide you with exceptional support.

We look forward to building benefits for life with you and your team.

SecureCare Named One of the Best Places to Work

SecureCare Dental and Vision has been named as one of the 2018 Best Places to Work in Greater Phoenix. The Best Places to Work in Phoenix list, sponsored by The Phoenix Business Journal and Quantum Workplaces, is designed to recognize the top employers in the Greater Phoenix area that benefit the local economy, the workforce and businesses. Over 500 employers were surveyed to determine winners. Employers are scored in six focus areas, including trust in leadership, team dynamics, manager effectiveness and personal engagement with most of the evaluation coming directly from anonymous employee surveys.

InfoArmor Identity Protection

SecureCare is pleased to announce that we now offer InfoArmor Identity Protection plans for our clients and their employees! When a client enrolls with dental and/or vision, they will also be able to purchase InfoArmor on the same premium bill as their dental and vision and make just one payment for all SecureCare services. InfoArmor protects the employees from identity and credit fraud.

InfoArmor is the leader in the identity protection industry with PrivacyArmor(R), a proactive monitoring service that alerts you at the first sign of fraud. Get alerts for credit score changes, accounts opened in your name, unsavory content posted to your social media account, compromised credentials, and financial transactions. Enrolling your family extends that protection to anyone in your household.

In the event of fraud, you don’t have to figure out what to do — or even do it. Our dedicated Privacy Advocates(R) fully manage and restore your identity, and our $1 million identity theft insurance policy covers any fees for identity restoration.

Enroll on InfoArmor now through SecureCare to protect you and your family from the hours of painstaking phone calls, mailed reports, fees, and heartache of identity theft. Once you enroll, you can log in to your online portal to activate credit monitoring and view identity alerts, verify your account information, and add your family. You can also check your credit score, connect social accounts for monitoring, and more.

Please email us here, if you have questions. We’re glad to help to help you protect your identity and credit.

Healthiest You and SecureCare

SecureCare is partnering with Healthiest You. We invite you to add HEALTHIEST YOU for your employees. We’ll bundle Healthiest You with your SecureCare plan(s) on one bill, so you have just one payment for both. The cost is just $9 per employee and family per month. It’s just one price for the whole family!

Healthiest You can connect to a doctor, get treatment and get prescriptions over the phone or via the mobile app - 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Healthiest You can SAVE YOU TONS OF MONEY and no more sitting around in the waiting rooms. And best of all, doctor consults are FREE!

Healthiest You can handle over 70% of doctors visits! The top 9 physician consults that can be handled by Healthiest You are: Allergies Bronchitis, Earache, Sore Throat, Sinusitis, Pink Eye, Strep Throat, Respiratory Infection and Urinary Tract Infection.

SecureCare will also align HEALTHIEST YOU to renew with your SecureCare plan(s). Effective Dates are the first of each month. Your Healthiest You includes:


For more information about Healthist You, please contact your broker or call SecureCare Account Services at 1-888-429-0914 x2500. *Healthiest You is not an insurance product.

Insured Vision Plans

See more of life with SecureCare Vision! Employers may enroll with SecureCare Vision as a stand-alone vision plan or bundled with their SecureCare Dental plans. If vision and dental plans are bundled, then employers will receive a single premium bill for both plans, as well as, one contact phone number and one service team to assis with questions and requests.

SecureCare Vision includes plan designs with comprehensive exam, frame, spectacle lens and contact lens benefits. Our vision plans have out-of-network benefits, as well as, a national vision provider network.

Contact us here for more information on how you can see life more clearly with SecureCare Vision.

What is Preventive Reward(sm)

Preventive Reward(sm) encourages members to seek Preventive care and saves annual maximum dollars for more costly Basic and Major services.

Covered dental services in Type I Diagnostic and Preventive do not reduce a member's calendar year maximum. These services include exams, x-rays, adult, child cleanings, as well as sealants and fluoride for dependent children.

For more information about SecureCare Dental's Preventive Reward(sm) or our other services, please contact your broker or call SecureCare Dental Account Services at 1-888-429-0914 x2500.

Implants are now covered

Effective February 1, 2013, all existing and new SecureCare Dental clients' plans include coverage for implants. Implant coverage is covered as an alternative to a three unit bridge for eligible insureds. For more information please contact your agent or SecureCare Dental account services at 1-888-429-0914 x2500.

Nevada Market Growing

Are you writing new business in Nevada? Do you have Nevada based groups with Arizona employees or vice versa?

Would you like to work with a partner you trust when you place dental with groups in Nevada?

Then we’d like to work with you! SecureCare Dental’s clients and network are growing in Nevada! All dual and Triple Choice Plans are availabe in the state, making SecureCare Dental a great partner for your Nevada business!

For assistance with your Nevada business, call us today at 1-888-429-0914 ext 2504!

National PPO Network Includes The Copay Plan

Are you trying to find the right dental coverage for a multi-state client with employees across the region or country?

Would you like to cover them with one carrier, one policy and one premium bill? Are dual or Triple Choice Plans important? If these criteria sound like your client, then you may want to consider SecureCare Dental and its national PPO network.

In addition to over 285,000 dentists, the best part is that all SecureCare Dental plans can be used in-network across the national PPO network! This includes The Copay Plan.

Unlike DHMO’s that don’t work across state lines, forcing you to have more than one plan, The Copay Plan keeps it simple allowing all employees across the country to use the same Copay Plan and copay schedule!

That’s easier for you and more convenient for your clients!

Custom Dental Plan Options

Did you know that you are able to customize your SecureCare Dental plans with usual, customary and reasonable percentages (UCR) of up to the 95th percentile?

Would you like higher coinsurance and no waiting periods? You can do that too. Need to move periodontal and endodontic services to a higher coverage? No problem.

For groups enrolling 5 employees or more, you have the flexibility to create plans that fit employees’ budgets and choice of dentists.

Create one, two or three different plans to offer employees, so that there’s a plan for everyone!

Create cutting edge dental benefits with our custom plan options, only availabe when you submit a proposal to quotes@securecaredental.com or call 1-888-429-0914 ext 2504!

Employee Dental Benefit Advantages

The small print in the policy can make a big difference in your clients’ dental plans.

When reviewing dental proposals, it’s easy to miss big benefit differences among dental carriers.

The focus tends to beon surface benefits like coinsurance, deductibles an annual maximums, missing the small print of covered services and frequencies that can be a source of employee satisfaction... or complaints when they visit a dentist.

To give you peace of mind it’s important to look below the policy surface at benefits that will make the difference for employees. To make the benefit difference for employers, SecureCare Dental:

     • Covers white (composite) fillings on all teeth, including molars with no
        extra charge or upgrade payment.
     • Does not limit pediatric coverage. Families may continue to take their
        children to pediatric specialists as long as needed.
     • Covers 2 additional periodontal maintenance cleanings anytime during the
        year if an employee has had periodontal surgery.
     • Allows exams and cleanings anytime during the year whether they are 6
        days, 6 weeks or 6 months apart.
     • Covers missing teeth! (after 36 months on plan)
     • Has no lifetime limits on Periodontal or Endodontic services.
     • Covers non-insured adult & child orthodontia on all plans at no extra cost.

We look forward to working with you. Contact us today to get a quote!

Limitations & Exclusions apply.

Easy Online Enrollment!

We are pleased to announce that SecureCare Dental’s secure Online Enrollment is ready for employers to use today! Our secure online enrollment allows you to submit employee:

     • Enrollments
     • Coverage changes
     • Information changes

Employee information submitted online will be live in our system within 2 business days. You may visit this site immediately to begin taking advantage of the security and convenience of online enrollment.

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