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More Plan Choices!

SecureCare Dental offers dental insurance plans that can be customized for very large groups while also available for small groups covering as few as 2 employees.

The plans SecureCare Dental offers are:

• The Copay Plan
Emphasizes value with no annual maximum limitation or network waiting periods. This is not a prepaid plan, but rather a scheduled PPO where employees pay copays, and providers are reimbursed fee-for-service. The Copay Plan is ideal for replacing prepaid/DHMO plans.

• The PPO Plan
Offers flexibility while providing low employee coinsurance and competitive premiums. With The PPO Plan, employees will enjoy significant savings by selecting from a network of providers, or by opting for a non-participating provider and still receiving rich benefits.

• The Indemnity Plan
Provides the freedom to select a participating dentist, or choose any dentist of choice.

The Triple Choice Plans

The Triple Choice Plans allows employer-sponsored or voluntary groups covering 5 or more eligible employees to offer any combination of the Copay, PPO and Indemnity Plans as a dual choice or triple choice.

Employer-sponsored and Voluntary Programs

Each SecureCare Dental Plan may be employer-sponsored or voluntary. Employer groups of 5 or more eligible employees may enroll in the employer-sponsored plans, while the voluntary plans require a minimum of 2 eligible employees.

Looking For Group Dental Insurance?

Are you a prospective employer group? Would you like a quote? Quotes are located on our Dental Quotes page. Both employer-sponsored and voluntary quotes are available. Go to Dental Quotes and create one.

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